Treatment under Sedation

Prof. Weiss’ Clinic is one of only a very few dental clinics in Israel which is licensed by the Ministry of Health to treat dental patients under sedation – including using a general anesthetic if required.  Members of our dental team have passed stringent, advanced training courses which allow them to treat patients who are under various levels of sedation. Regular on-site inspections by the Ministry of Health confirm that we consistently meet the highest standards of medical practice.

More and more people are choosing treatment under sedation. 


Why Choose Treatment Under Sedation?

- Sedation Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Some of our patients have had traumatic dental experiences in the past, leaving them with a fear of dentists. Others are generally anxious about dental visits altogether and become extremely nervous when thinking about getting their teeth cleaned or treated.  For patients with rising stress levels, we offer various sedation options to make the treatment process a more pleasant, less tense experience.

- Sedation Saves Time
Many of our patients, particularly those with more complex treatment plans, choose sedation or general anesthesia in order to permit more dental work to be completed in one appointment. Dental tourists, or those patients who prefer to reduce the number of appointments required, often select our one-day program, which allows us to complete treatment in a single, extended session using sedation or general anesthesia if appropriate.

Our highly trained anesthesiologists have years of seasoned experience. Together with the rest of our team of experts, our anesthesiologists evaluate the scope of treatment required, the medical history of the patient, any potential risk factors, as well as the preferences of the patient. The decision on whether to use sedation, and which type to use, is an important part of the consultation process, leading to a comprehensive treatment plan.  Various levels of sedation can be administered, ranging from conscious sedation, (which helps patients feel calmer and more relaxed while awake), to deep sedation, (which enables patients to tolerate longer, more challenging procedures more easily). Our  anesthesiologists   accompany  patients receiving sedation throughout the entirety of their treatment. 


For more information about treatment using sedation, please complete the REQUEST FOR CONSULTATION