Requesting a Second Opinion

Many people hesitate before asking another dentist for a second opinion, but it's a smart decision - especially in difficult or complex cases. You need to be sure that your diagnosis is correct, and that the treatment plan you have been offered is the best one for your situation.
Professor Weiss and Dr. Dekel-Steinkler are available to provide a second opinion on treatment plans drawn up by other dentists, whether in Israel or abroad. As licensed prosthodontists (oral restoration specialists), they have both the qualifications and the experience to examine every aspect of a treatment plan, from diagnosis to implementation, and to generate their own professional opinion on the suggested plan of action.
You can request a second opinion by CONTACTING US.
If you are in Israel, you will be invited to our clinic with a meeting with Prof. Weiss or Dr. Dekel-Steinkler. This initial meeting includes a comprehensive examination as well as a review of oral imaging and diagnostics. When necessary, you will also meet with other qualified specialists on our team to obtain further evaluations of your dental health.
Once the team has completed our own comprehensive evaluation, we will compare our findings with the treatment plan you were offered. In cases where our opinion differs from the original treatment plan offered to you, we provide our own detailed treatment recommendations. Our evaluation includes professional, aesthetic, medical, financial and general considerations, as well as risk assessment.

If you are not currently residing in Israel, we can also provide a second opinion online - given that we have access to your dental images and other medical information.
CONTACT US for more information about how to proceed.