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Pediatric dentistry


Prof Weiss’ Clinic provides expert dental care for children and adolescents. Our pediatric specialist, Dr. Dora Schachter, has over 16 years of experience caring for the dental needs of both typical children and those with special needs.

Our emphasis is on creating a positive experience at the dentist. We build a close connection with each of our younger patients, explaining every part of the treatment as it happens, and opening up a dialog about the importance of dental health care.

We encourage questions, and our focus is as much on dental education and preventative dentistry as it is on taking care of any dental issues which may arise. We know that teaching children how to properly care for their teeth will have enormous benefit throughout their lives.

For those children who require dental intervention, we write treatment plans based on the most up-to-date research in the field of pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Schachter is licensed to treat children under sedation, if requested or needed. Often this involves a lighter sedative such as laughing gas (nitrous oxide) but, where necessary, treatment can also be completed under deeper sedation. We have an expert anesthesiologist on our team, enabling all treatment to be performed on-site, in our clinic.

Sometimes our young patients need emergency care – especially after a tooth is damaged after a fall. In these cases we offer advice over the telephone, so that parents know how to deal with the immediate crisis before bringing their child in for emergency treatment.

In addition to regular pediatric dentistry, Dr. Schachter is experienced in working with children with special needs of all kinds, offering expert diagnoses and treatments for complex and often unusual pediatric dental issues. She is exceptionally gentle and understanding, proceeding slowly and carefully in order to gain the confidence of children who may be apprehensive, scared or less able to easily cooperate.

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