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Oral Rehabilitation

Prosthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry, involving the restoration of teeth - both functionally and aesthetically. How well your teeth work, as well as how great they look, is important. A prosthodontist, with years of specialized post-graduate training in dental rehabilitation and restoration, is uniquely qualified to treat patients in need of oral rehabilitation. 

Both Prof. Weiss and Dr. Dekel-Steinkler are licensed prosthodontists with years of experience. They are two of only a handful of dentists in Israel who hold this additional qualification.

In addition to regular dentistry, our clinic specializes in complicated cases which other dentists are not qualified to treat. For example, replacing missing teeth, tooth erosion treatment, and the treatment of severe occlusion problems and disorders of the jaw joints. We use the most advanced technologies and equipment, and the highest grade materials.

One of the many advantages of seeking treatment at our clinic, is that our team of expert dentists collaborate to develop the best possible treatment plan. All of our staff is committed to excellence, placing great value on providing the highest level of care - both in medical terms, as well as in building professional relationships with our patients. This results in greater comfort for our patients, and a faster recovery.

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