Many of our patients, both in Israel and abroad, juggle extremely busy schedules. We understand, and we know that arranging time for a series of dental treatments can be extremely challenging.

Whether you’re a global business executive, an entrepreneur running a start-up company, or you’re simply running after the kids, carving out time to take care of your health needs can seem like just too much to ask of yourself.  But neglecting your dental health means that you’re risking your general health, too.

If you’re struggling to find the time to fix your dental problems, we have a solution to suggest. Instead of four or five separate visits, at our clinic, you can manage all of your dental needs in just one day. We offer a special service which allows us to treat you completely, from start to finish, in a single, longer visit.

If you’re interested in our One Day Treatment Program, the first step is to request a consultation.