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Dr. Tzachi Abramovitz

Dr. Tzachi Abramovitz

Root Canal Specialist

A graduate of the dental school of Tel Aviv University, Dr Abramovitz has over 30 years of experience as a dentist, including 20 years as an endodontist (root canal specialist).

Dr Abramovitz sees patients requiring:

• Root canal treatment
• Diagnosis of oral diseases 
• Consultation for a second opinion
• Comprehensive treatment plans in consultation with other dentists in the clinic

Dr. Abramovitz is the acting Head of Endodontics of Hadassah Medical Center at Jerusalem University. He regularly lectures on endodontics and supervises student research at both the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University. A former President of the Israeli Endodontics Association, he is a member of the National Board of Examiners in endodontics.

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before and after

  • Adam, aged 56, came to us after undergoing failed treatment at another clinic for  bone augmentation, sinus elevation and dental implants.  He needed to have three teeth removed from his lower right jaw. On the lower left, we treated his tooth decay and completed other procedures to preserve the heath of his teeth. We extracted six teeth from his upper jaw, replacing both those and the previously failed implants with new implants, as well as  a temporary bridge. As part of the process, we completed a sinus lift and bone augmentation, and removed a wisdom tooth.

    Following the healing period, Adam returned to complete the permanent restoration process.

  • Debra, in her early 30s and based in London, came to us complaining of decay under the crowns on her upper front teeth. We dealt with the decay using a combination of root canals and orthodontic treatment which involved placing brackets on her anterior teeth.  We placed a temporary bridge.
    After four weeks in London, Debra returned to complete the orthodontic treatment and receive permanent crowns.