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Dr. Michal Dekel-Steinkeller

Dr. Michal Dekel-Steinkeller

Oral Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Michal Dekel-Steinkeller
Oral Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Dekel-Steinkeller has over 12 years of experience in dentistry, including hundreds of successful operations at various levels of complexity. An outstanding graduate of the Prosthodontics Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, she was personally recruited by Prof. Weiss, who recognized her exceptional practical work and her academic research achievements.

Accepting patients from all over the world, she advises and treats in the following fields:

• Oral rehabilitation
• Oral diseases and diagnostics
• Treatment plans – including coordination and implementation
• Consultation for a second opinion
• Comprehensive treatment plans in consultation with other dentists in the clinic
• Dental aesthetics

Currently on staff at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Dekel-Steinkeller regularly lectures on dentistry, and has published academic articles which have impacted the field of dental care.

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before and after

  • Alon came to us initially at the recommendation of his father, who had already undergone treatment at our clinic. At the age of 36, Alon was looking for a way to improve the look of his front teeth, which were damaged and worn down.
    We completed the required aesthetic reconstruction in a SINGLE APPOINTMENT, restoring his teeth using a high-quality composite material.
    Alon was provided with a thorough explanation on caring for his new teeth, as well as recommendations for optimal maintenance, (such as minimizing his intake of Colas and other beverages with caffeine). In addition, sleeping with a mouth guard at night was also recommended.

    Alon reports feeling like a new man. 

  • Adam, aged 56, came to us after undergoing failed treatment at another clinic for  bone augmentation, sinus elevation and dental implants.  He needed to have three teeth removed from his lower right jaw. On the lower left, we treated his tooth decay and completed other procedures to preserve the heath of his teeth. We extracted six teeth from his upper jaw, replacing both those and the previously failed implants with new implants, as well as  a temporary bridge. As part of the process, we completed a sinus lift and bone augmentation, and removed a wisdom tooth.

    Following the healing period, Adam returned to complete the permanent restoration process.

  • Tom, an Israeli retiree in his early 70s had four front teeth which were broken and decayed. We treated the decay and placed permanent crowns to restore his smile.