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Prof. Ervin Weiss

Prof. Ervin Weiss

Oral Rehabilitation Specialist

Head, The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Weiss has over 40 years of experience in both practical dentistry, as well as academic research and teaching. A leading international expert in prosthodontics (oral rehabilitation), he continues to work closely with the entire team in their pursuit of providing the best dental care possible. 

Prof. Weiss currently holds 15 patents in the field of microbiology and dentistry. He has published more than 150 academic articles, and has presented hundreds of lectures, reviews and abstracts in conferences both in Israel and abroad. Currently the head of the Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University, he was previously the head of the Prosthodontics Department in the Faculty of Dentistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Chairman of the Israeli Association of Prosthodontics. 

Patients from around the world come to the clinic to seek the seasoned expertise of Prof. Weiss for their most complicated dental issues.  Dedicated to achieving high-quality results, Prof. Weiss ensures that both he and the entire team continually remain at the leading edge of dental expertise.

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  • Maya was referred to us by a friend of hers in Moscow. She was suffering from oral infections, gum disease and severe tooth decay.

    On her first visit to Israel we worked to save as many of her natural teeth as we could, avoiding tooth extraction wherever possible. Instead, we addressed the gum disease and other oral tissue infections, treated the decay, and managed to achieve a healthy oral status. We saved four teeth in her lower jaw and seven teeth in her upper jaw.

    We readied Maya’s mouth for permanent restoration by installing upper and lower temporary bridges which she could easily use until her next visit.

    Maya returned to Moscow to heal and wait the necessary six months until a permanent restoration could be achieved. When she returned to our clinic for a second visit, we removed the interim bridges and fitted 11 dental implants. Everything was completed in one meeting, under sedation.

  • Adam, aged 56, came to us after undergoing failed treatment at another clinic for  bone augmentation, sinus elevation and dental implants.  He needed to have three teeth removed from his lower right jaw. On the lower left, we treated his tooth decay and completed other procedures to preserve the heath of his teeth. We extracted six teeth from his upper jaw, replacing both those and the previously failed implants with new implants, as well as  a temporary bridge. As part of the process, we completed a sinus lift and bone augmentation, and removed a wisdom tooth.

    Following the healing period, Adam returned to complete the permanent restoration process.

  • Anna, aged 42, travelled to our clinic from Moscow as a dental tourist. Her bridgework had been fitted 20 years previously, and she was now complaining of problems with gum recession, joint clicking and creaking teeth.  She wanted to restore her smile and improve her dental function by installing implants.

    After a careful appraisal of her situation, we began the treatment by preparing her gums and completing several root canals. Then we moved on to the implant stage. This included bone augmentation, lifting the sinus in her upper jaw, pulling a wisdom tooth and a second tooth in her upper jaw, and then replacing the missing teeth with eight implants. In addition  26 permanent crowns were completed. Anna's smile was throughly restored.

  • Rachel , in her early 60s, came to us while in the middle of treatment at another clinic. She was awaiting the permanent restoration stage of her dental treatment plan, but was not happy with her implants. She reported that her implants were bothering her and not functioning correctly.
    After careful consideration, we decided that it was necessary to remove some of her implants. Initially treating her lower jaw, we replaced her existing implants with new implants and fitted a temporary bridge. Three weeks later we completed work on her upper jaw, replacing two implants and adding another four.
    Several months later, after an expected healing period, we fitted permanent bridges and she was able to regain fully aesthetic dental function.

  • Debra, in her early 30s and based in London, came to us complaining of decay under the crowns on her upper front teeth. We dealt with the decay using a combination of root canals and orthodontic treatment which involved placing brackets on her anterior teeth.  We placed a temporary bridge.
    After four weeks in London, Debra returned to complete the orthodontic treatment and receive permanent crowns.