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Dr. Anna Paritsky

Dr. Anna Paritsky

Gum Disease Specialist

Dr. Paritsky has more than 20 years of experience as a dentist, including over 10 years as a periodontist (gum disease specialist).

Her treatment expertise includes:

• Diagnosis of periodontal disease
• Complete treatment of periodontal disease
• Consultation for a second opinion on gum disease
• Comprehensive treatment plans in consultation with other dentists in the clinic

Dr. Paritsky completed her dental studies in a pre-army academic program before serving in the Israel Defense Forces as a dentist for 5 years. After the army, she specialized in periodontics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and then went on to complete Prof. Khoury's world-renowned advanced courses in Germany, as well as Prof. Zuccelli's course on microsurgery here in Israel.

Dr. Paritsky actively supervises interns in the periodontics program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, at the Tel Hashomer Medical Center, and in other private clinics. She regularly lectures at conferences and seminars, both in Israel and abroad.

before and after

  • Anna, aged 42, travelled to our clinic from Moscow as a dental tourist. Her bridgework had been fitted 20 years previously, and she was now complaining of problems with gum recession, joint clicking and creaking teeth.  She wanted to restore her smile and improve her dental function by installing implants.

    After a careful appraisal of her situation, we began the treatment by preparing her gums and completing several root canals. Then we moved on to the implant stage. This included bone augmentation, lifting the sinus in her upper jaw, pulling a wisdom tooth and a second tooth in her upper jaw, and then replacing the missing teeth with eight implants. In addition  26 permanent crowns were completed. Anna's smile was throughly restored.

  • Debra, in her early 30s and based in London, came to us complaining of decay under the crowns on her upper front teeth. We dealt with the decay using a combination of root canals and orthodontic treatment which involved placing brackets on her anterior teeth.  We placed a temporary bridge.
    After four weeks in London, Debra returned to complete the orthodontic treatment and receive permanent crowns.