About us

Professor Ervin Weiss is the man behind the vision of the clinic.  An international expert in prosthodontics, and currently head of the The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine at Tel Aviv University, you can read more about him here.

Along with Prof. Weiss, our clinic is staffed by dentists who are experts in their fields. Each of them has received extensive, specialized training in their area of interest, whether that is gum disease, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, root canal work, preventative dentistry or oral rehabilitation etc.  Such training typically involves several years of study after qualifying as a general dentist, and includes an intensive internship to gain the highest level of practical skills and expertise.

The dentists in our clinic are not just technically good at what they do. In order to work here they must demonstrate their commitment to excellence, dedication to continuing professional education and, critically, the ability to build an excellent professional relationship with our patients.

Our patients appreciate our extremely high professional standards, our use of the most technically advanced equipment and products, and our attention to even the smallest details.

Sometimes, our patients come to us after a bad experience elsewhere, or because they have a problem that their regular dentist cannot seem to fix. Some come because they have complex dental and/or medical issues which need a comprehensive solution only a team can provide. Others come because they are afraid of dental treatment and appreciate our ability to offer sedation or general anesthesia. We are a popular choice for children’s dentistry, too, particularly (but not only) for children with special needs.

We pride ourselves on discretion and  meeting specialized needs for VIPs or individuals with special privacy issues.  For individuals traveling from abroad,  or those with other time constraints, we provide an option for ONE DAY TREATMENT. 

Every month we treat hundreds of patients who arrive from all over Israel and abroad. Each patient receives a careful evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan before we begin the actual treatment. You can find out more about how we work and why you should consider choosing us, here.